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Manukah Development Ltd was established

in August 2010, through the vision of the Duksah

family, a construction company born out of

the need to provide affordable lifestyle

residents for locals and internationals.


The operation started at Ocho Rios, St. Ann

and remains there today on greatly

improved and expanded facilities.

The company has evolved to become a

major player in the Jamaican Building 

Industry, employing  a compliment of   Administrative, Technical and Professional staff; a labour workforce fluctuating between 300 to 1000 persons.


Manukah development has successfully completed  numerous public and private sector projects over the years, with many more projects in the pipeline.

Great Pond Estate


Manukah Development
Jaquan Duksah

Manukah Development Ltd. is a family owned, Jamaican based company... and we are proud of it! Our roots are in the community that we build! Our homes are your homes.

Manukah Development & Construction Ltd. has designed and constructed residential homes in the parish St. Ann.Specializing in gated communities with two to three bedroom family homes with amenities including swimming pool and a club house.


Our developments are the ideal option for returning residents, first-time homeowners and members. Let us build your home! 

Artistic Communications Group
Louise-Ann Douglas

Louise-Ann is the Managing Director of the Artistic Communications Group, helms the Manukah Marketing department (Great Pond Estate). 


The Artistic Group handles  the comprehensive Advertising, Public Relations, Graphic Design, Multi-media, Marketing, Media Strategy, Events Planning, Promotions and Brand Strategy services needs of the Manukah brand.

Simply put... she makes us look good! 

Great Pond estate
Antonio Lewinski

Antonio is the the technical Architectural leader of the team. Antonio portfolio provides all specs and drawings and renderings--


Antonio works closely with the Manukah team putting a face an picture to the vision of the entire team. From the foundation up Antonio is a teammate that has a varied and unique resume... One word Impressive!

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