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Our Properties

Location! Location! Location! Location!

Come home to our Home, and be a part of one of the Hide-away beautifully designed gated community with innovative real estate located in Jamaica’s scenic North Coast.

  • Comfortable, exquisitely designed homes.

  •  Scenic views.

Manukah Oaks
Great Pond Estate
Manukah Oaks- 3 bedrooms
The Hemlock- Manukah Oaks
Manukah Oaks- 2 bedrooms
The Cypress- Manukah Oaks

Manukah Oaks

This modern contemporary development in the 'country' setting of the North Coast is the perfect combination of two worlds-- Traditional Jamaica with the easy and sleek look of a Global feel.

A perfect family home, it has all the facilities that families need. The perfect environment to grow.

Presently SOLD OUT the Oaks is home to many who enjoy all the amenities of the authentic Jamaican lifestyle!

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