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Let Us help you Come Home to Your Home--- Our team will work with potential homeowners to assist with providing the necessary information to help you better navigate the process.

1. Get pre-approved for your mortgage.

2. SELECT YOUR LOT AND PAY THE DEPOSIT.  (Please bring your pre-approval/eligibility letter with you).

3. Collect your Sale Agreement.

4. Sign and return all copies of the Sale Agreement to Manukah office.

5. Collect your Mortgage Package and do your interview at your Mortgage Company.

6. Submit a copy of the “Letter of Commitment” to Manukah office.

7.   The Mortgage Company will send a “Letter of Undertaking” to our Attorneys. Our attorneys will advise you in writing when they receive same and if there is a “shortfall” to be paid. Shortfall is the difference between the loan amount and the balance to close the sale.

8. Pay the shortfall amount.

9.   Collect Owner’s Agreement & Transfer.

10. Sign all copies of your Owners Agreement & Transfer and return them to Manukah Sales team for further processing.

11. Upon completion of the unit and after our Attorneys confirm receipt of the mortgage proceeds, collect your letters of possession and keys!!!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.   I am a first time buyer. Can you provide me with more details on the sales process?

A.   The sales process begins when a prospective buyer first selects a house type and chooses a lot. Once this is done an application form is completed and submitted to us. It is important that the form reflects how the prospective buyer plans to transact purchase; either in cash or through financing from a mortgage institution.

       After application submission a deposit is required to secure the selected lot. We recommend that immediately after the deposit is paid, the purchaser starts the mortgage process, if applicable, by visiting a financial institution and get pre-qualified for the balance needed to close.

If purchaser is paying cash a Letter of Hypothecation is needed from bank stating that funds have been held to pay the balance that is needed to close.

Q.   Will the Great Pond Estate development have  amenities?

A.   Yes it does, the property boasts a clubhouse, swimming pool, and play areas.

Q.   Can I do an extension on my house after purchase?

A.   Extensions are allowed, however, no extensions can be done to the front of any house. Extensions are restricted to the rear and side of each house and must be within the Parish Council guidelines. Also, all extensions are limited to the ground floor; you cannot expand to a second floor.

Q.   Can I change the colors on my home?

A.   Yes you can, but you must choose from one of the existing color schemes within the development portfolio. The Sales Team will guide you on the color options available.

Q.   Can security grills be installed on my home?

A.   Yes you can, however you must consult with Manukah Development & Construction Limited to choose from one of the approved grill patterns. All window and door grills must be done on the inside of the house.

Q.   Who is responsible for maintaining my lawn?

A.   All homeowners are responsible for their own lawn and property, as registered on their title.

Q.   Is there a monthly maintenance fee, and if so what does it cover?

A.   Yes, there is a monthly maintenance fee. It is now set at tba per month. It covers the cost for 24 hour security, street cleaning, maintaining the common areas which include the swimming pool and community Clubhouse.

Q.   What does the house come with?

A.   Each unit purchased comes with the standard complete features as shown in model units however it does not include the blinds, drapes, furniture, light fixtures or appliances used to stage the model units. It does however include a solar water heater.

Q.   What are the lots sizes for the three unit types that are available in the Great Pond Estate development?

1. The Ruby (a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom unit) is 1190 sqft. in size and sits on a minimum lot size of 4500 sqft.

2. The Aloma (a 3 bedroom 3bathroom unit), is 1508 sqft. in size and sits on a minimum lot size of 5000 sqft.

Q.   What type of roof is used?

A.   Stone Coated Roofing is used on all units

Q.   What changes can be done on the inside of my house?

A.   You are allowed to make changes as you wish on the interior of the house, just as long as you are aware that any damage/issue that is caused is the responsibility of the owner and not the developer.

Q.   Why do I need to supply a Tax Registration Number with my application?

A.   As a national requirement a Tax Registration Number (TRN) is needed to transact business with most organizations, particularly those that involve monetary transactions such as purchasing a home or a banking transaction. Learn more here.

Manukah Development Ltd.
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